The Brief

Our objective is to connect the loyalty that fans have for their team to the loyalty Hyundai drivers have for the brand. Hyundai has one has one claim that every fan can relate to. Loyalty. Hyundai was named  #1 In Customer Loyalty for the 5th year in a row with more repeat buyers than Toyota, Honda, and any other US automaker.

The Idea

There are all types of fans out there – but the best kind of fans are the loyal ones. Let’s celebrate them and make them as big as the game. The TV portion of NCAA was split into 2 parallel directions. ‘Superfans’ and ‘Passion’ commercials. Superfans are all true stories about those fans that go the extra mile, or 20. They save bells from being melted and get them installed at their Alma Matter because they share the same name. Superfans fully believe that if their dog isn’t wearing a dog-sized team jersey, their team won’t win. The Passion commercials celebrate the things groups of fans do. They are the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. It’s the passion for your team that unites you. So, no, skipping the 13th step isn’t weird. It’s sports.


Arizona Bell – U of A

Bill Bowers rescued the brass bell from Pearl Harbor’s USS Arizona and saw it installed in two buildings on his beloved Wildcat campus, 60 years apart.

Bama Wedding – Alabama

Hear the tale of Freeman and Betty Reese – such devoted football fans that they missed their daughter’s wedding for the annual Alabama-Tennessee rivalry.

Mr. 2 Bits – Florida

The story of George Edmondson, forever known to every Florida football fan as Mr. Two Bits.


Hands – Omnibus

It’s funny really; a lot of Universities use signs to identify themselves. The most famous is probably ‘Hook-em Horns’. Well, and  ‘#1 baby!’ Hands is the newest of the bunch, used in 2013 with a slightly different ending. The end tag is designed to support The Loyalty Report.

Sway – Florida

Traditionally, Gator fans lock arms and sway back and forth as they sing “We Are the Boys.” The song was played at every football game since the 1930s by the school’s marching band.

Hedges – UGA

Based on the Georgia bulldog tradition of
“playing between the hedges.” Created for the
‘Passions’ portion of Hyundai’s NCAA Football
#1 in Customer Loyalty campaign.

Hokie Stone – Virginia Tech

Referred to as the most exciting entrance in college football. It starts with one side of the stadium chanting, “LET’S GO….” then the other side responds, “HOKIES.” Followed by every fan jumping up and down at their seats to Enter Sandman. As the players run onto the field every single one of them slaps the Hokie Stone mounted to the top of the tunnel. Epic.